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Arts & Culture

Deaf artist completing a colourful painting with pupils

The UK’s first Deaf Cultural Centre opened its doors in 2007 with a vision to be a centre of celebration and innovation.

A new building housing a hall for conferences, exhibitions and performances alongside a committed and talented Deaf Arts Network has helped to establish a diverse artistic programme over the past 5 years.

Developing art and performance by deaf people is the aim of the Deaf Cultural Centre and very much at the heart of its vision. Art by professional deaf people is on display throughout a number of rooms at the Centre. The Centre also provides an inclusive and welcoming space for deaf artists to deliver their knowledge and skills to other amateur and professional deaf artists.

The latest project, called the Deaf Explorer, funded by Arts Council England and led by the Deaf Cultural Centre, offered 6 deaf people, as arts practitioners, an once in a lifetime opportunity to use national and international travel to meet with other artists and organisations in another country. Click here to find out more or visit their website.

The Deaf Cultural Centre seeks to actively engage with local and national arts organisations to offer new projects for deaf artists and the deaf community. If you have a creative project or proposal, contact us on:

Tel: 0121 246 6100
Textphone: 0121 246 6101
Fax: 0121 246 6125